You can look like a hero or a fool when you choose a caterer!

The corporate world can be a very busy place and South Florida is no exception. Business gatherings, meetings and other events can occur one after another, leaving no room for rest or other responsibilities, and because everything can move so fast in the corporate world taking too much time to plan catering for an event can be detrimental to your day in lots of ways.

Most businesses require the best possible catering service for a fair price, because events are attended by lots of important people, like clients, shareholders, suppliers, board members, directors, executives, prospective clients etc. Planning a business event requires paying attention to lots of details. After all, you want to leave a good impression on those that attend the event. If you host a great event or lunch with delicious food, then chances are you will strengthen the relationships you have with the attendees, your image will improve and guests will gain more confidence in your company, which is why choosing a superb, reliable catering service is a must if you want your event to go smoothly and guests to be satisfied.

Regardless if you expect a big or small group to attend your business event, choosing the right catering service will make all the organization, planning and implementing very easy and most of all you wont need to worry. Smoke & Spice catering provides guarantees that will put you at ease. Their corporate delivery service is backed by their no hassle, on time or its free catering guarantee, which guarantees that they will deliver your catering order on time or you don’t pay, period. You must admit that this is perfect for the the business world where time is money and punctuality is key. Ordering is so simple and easy you’d be crazy not to try it. If your business is located in the Miami-Dade County you should consider trying the services of Smoke & Spice to take care of your catering needs. It’s a new year and if you are tired of the same ole unreliable, dry, over cooked food, then you need to give the professionals at Smoke & Spice a shot because their sure to make you look like the hero!

Making things even easier, Smoke & Spice Express offers online ordering at, where you can order when its convenient for you. You can choose from price saving packages or customize your own menu via their A La Carte menu. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from including delicious desserts and beverages.
Catering Delivery Van
Hiring Smoke & Spice Express as your corporate caterer may be the best event planning decision you make in 2016.

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