What exactly is a Gourmet BBQ Experience? Some will say top-notch cuisine crafted from carefully selected ingredients. Others will reference the presentation of the meal in an aesthetically-driven demonstration, and some will highlight the ambiance and experience. How about all three?

We’re Smoke & Spice Fine Catering & Events, Miami Florida’s premiere gourmet caterer and barbecue experts. Guess what, You don’t have to pick and choose the perks.  An all-inclusive catering experience is our claim to fame, and we deliver it to each and every customer, time and time again. Whether you’re planning to cater a wedding reception, corporate event, social gathering or holiday party, you’ll want to add some Smoke & Spice to it. We’ll have your taste buds singing from the first bite.

Serving the South Florida Area, including Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys.

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Full-service isn’t a term we throw around loosely. It’s the Smoke & Spice Fine Catering & Events signature, and we stamp it on every catered event. Award-winning food. A variety of services for a variety of events. All sophisticated. All unique. What’s more? We handle each detail from event coordination and venue selection to equipment rental, décor and menu planning, all the way through clean-up. Watch the video to learn more!